Get Started IoT Network #6: Logistics

The 6th meeting of this year’s first Get Started IoT Network was all about smart logistics and dealt with the overall question: how will logistics evolve in the future? According to our four speakers, the core services pushing the development will be provided by technologies such as IoT and machine learning, which will essentially change future transport possibilities.


Internet of Things in Logistics – An Interview with Franz Hero from SAP

The Internet of Things will transform the way we do business. Full transparency and the connection of everything are going to have a huge impact on our lives. Especially the logistic branch can make big improvements with help of these new technologies. We interviewed Franz Hero, responsible for Supply Chain and Logistics development at SAP, on IoT in Supply Chain Management.


Get Started IoT Network #5 on Data Protection & IoT Security

IoT startups watch out: At our next Get Started IoT Network, which we organize together with SAP IoT Accelerator, we will focus on two current IoT topics: Data Protection & IoT Security.

As of yet, every fifth company has not dealt with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Has your company?  If you are not sure what this new regulation means for your company, Tobias Göldner (Bitkom Data Protection Officer) would like to help you by shedding some light on its implications for your products.READ MORE

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